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Quick Interactive Language Screener™ (QUILS™)

Authors: Roberta Michnick Golinkoff Ph.D., Jill De Villiers Ph.D., Kathy Hirsh-Pasek Ph.D., Aquiles Iglesias Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Mary Sweig Wilson Ph.D., CCC-SLP

ISBN: 978-1-68125-230-8
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Please read the complete QUILS technical requirements for QUILS prior to purchase to ensure system compatibility.

Early identification is the first step to helping young children with language delays improve their skills—proficiencies that are so important to later reading success. But how do you find the children who might need help? It's simple with the Quick Interactive Language Screener™ (QUILS™), a one-of-a-kind tool that helps you evaluate whether children are making language progress appropriate for their age group.

Administered during the regular day, typically one child at a time in a quiet area of the classroom, the QUILS is a helpful addition to kindergarten entry assessments (KEAs) and an ideal tool for use in individual classrooms or centers. The format ensures standardized delivery for each child, while automatically generated scores save time for busy teachers—providing cut scores by age level, standard scores, percentile ranks, and reports to share with colleagues and families. And this game-like interactive measure is so much fun, children might even ask if they can do it again!

QUILS screens 3 key areas of language development:
  • Vocabulary: This area looks at word knowledge. Do children know the words they hear on the QUILS?
  • Rn Hot 2017 Shoe Punch NIKE Free Provence Purple Running Women's Syntax:This area looks at how words go together in sentences. For example, how do children understand questions that begin with where, when, and how?
  • Process: This area looks at skill in learning new words and grammar structures. How good are children at learning language items when they are new?

$99.95 Annual Subscription
Your annual QUILS subscription gives you access to a website that includes the screener; an online User’s Manual and Quick Start Guide; student, parent, and group reports; and activities and tips that support language development.

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Once your purchase has been processed, you will receive your QUILS login information within 12 business hours via email.

QUILS at a glance

What is the age range?
Ages 3 through 5 years

In what settings is it used?
Early childhood settings: public and private preschools, Head Start, child care programs

Who completes it?
The child, with minimal supervision from a teacher, paraprofessional, classroom aide, parent, or other classroom volunteer

How is it administered?
On any tablet, laptop, or desktop with touchscreen technology and Internet access

Who uses the results?
Early childhood educators and administrators, reading specialists, literacy coaches, speech-language pathologists, psychologists

How long does the screener take?
Approximately 15–20 minutes

What is the number of items on the screener?
48 items

What is the research base?
Psychometric studies have established the QUILS' reliability and validity and ensured that all items are culturally neutral

Learn more about QUILS here.

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Review by: Brenda Giourmetakis, Supervisor of Inclusive Learning at Edmonton Public Schools
Wow! What an excellent resource for general education teachers. This book is a comprehensive guide to what inclusion is and how to insure you can create an inclusive classroom for all students. I will be sure to share this book with teachers looking for new ideas to include their students.
Review by: Lesley Quinn, Communicare, LLC
“Groundbreaking...a dynamic measure that can show relationships and sequences over time in a way static pictures cannot. And the illustrations are great (most inclusive and racially diverse I've seen).”
Review by: Melissa Scopio, Clinical Supervisor, University of Delaware Speech Language Hearing Clinic
"[QUILS] is like no other screening for the early childhood population. The results provide information on vocabulary, syntax, and processing and provide exact areas for improvement."
Review by: Caroline Louchart, Speech/Language Pathologist, Shiawassee Regional Educational Service District
"A quick and easy way to look at a child's understanding of many common language concepts."
Review by: Elizabeth Carlson, Speech Language Pathologist Shoe Women's Hot Provence Purple Punch Rn 2017 NIKE Free Running
"I love the parent reports, comparative reports, and the touch screen idea for functional use."
Review by: Elizabeth Lucas, Speech Language Pathologist, ASHA Board Certified - Child Language, Appoquinimink School District
Free Women's Provence Punch Hot 2017 Rn Purple Shoe Running NIKE "The key benefit of the QUILS is that it provides a screening opportunity that includes vocabulary, sentence structure, and processing. Early intervention is critical to academic success as well as literacy development. Many children are overlooked for speech referrals because they have strong syntax or vocabulary. The importance of language processing is not overlooked in this screening."
Review by: Sara Lewandowski, School Psychologist and MTSS Coach/Systems Mentor
"Allows our professionals to quickly, efficiently, and consistently identify the language needs of our preschool population and connect educators and families to resources."
Review by: Erica Tipton, Executive Director, Child Development Center
"Intervention activities help educators address areas of concern, while reports provide parents with a concrete understanding of where their child falls within the range of typical development."
View the reports excerpt
QUILS Reports Made Easy

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